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April, 2001 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

April 3, 2001
To be announced

April 10, 2001
Kelly Davis
First Computer Solutions

April 17, 2001
Dick Kelly
Lane Report

April 24, 2001
Rochelle Stidham, Publisher
Richmond Register

Dr. Larry Bobbert Spoke on "Dealing with Difficult People"

Dr. Larry Bobbert Spoke on "Dealing with Difficult People" at the March 27th Kiwanis meeting. Club members who missed this presentation may get more tips about dealing with difficulty people by clicking here. . You may reach Dr. Bobbert at the following address:

Dr. Larry C. Bobbert
TV Director/Section Coordinator
Division of Media Resources
Eastern Kentucky university
102 Perkins Building
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475-3102

Voice 859 622 1678
Fax 859 622 6529

Professional Sports Agent Speaks to Richmond Kiwanis Club

Mike Eubanks, Attorney and Professional Sports Agent met with the Richmond Kiwanis Club on March 6 to explain how a professional sports agent works with athletes (particularly football players; his specialty) Eubanks is certified to represent players in both the NFL and the Canadian Football League.

National Kiwanis Campaign to Eliminate Iodine Deficiency

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