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March, 2001 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

March 6
Mike Eubanks, Attorney
Professional Sports Agent

March 13
Rountable Discussion on Auction

March 20
Ted Osborne
Past President of Kiwanis International
Leadership in Kiwanis

March 27
Dr. Larry Bobbert
"Dealing with Difficult People"

Kiwanis 30th Auction is Group Effort

Piddle Johnson and Greg Powell take a turn on air introducing items to the public.

To see additional photographs of the auction please click here

Do You Know About the 30th Annual Auction?

Did you know that there were more than 300 items given by businesses, groups and indidividuals for the 2001 Annual Kiwanis Auction?

Did you know there were 194 lots in the auction?

Did you know the auction tv production was completed on a Macintosh laptop computer?

Did you know there were 32 hour or half-hour sponsors of the 2001 auction?

Did you know the corporate sponsors for the auction were: Coldwell Banker - DeSloover Realty, National City Bank and C. Frank Shoop Pontiac/Buick/GMC Truck/Jeep-Eagle Inc.

Did you know there were four co-chairs of this auction? - They were David Benge, Tracy Burdette, Mark Calitri, and Patrick McMahon.

Madison County Jailer Speaks to Club

County Jailer displays example of contraband found in cell search; a knife made of a toilet brush.

Ron Devere, the Madison County Jailer, gave the members of Kiwanis an overview of the Madison County Detention Center and its operation. He noted that the Detention Center was opened on January 1, 1990 after the county was ordered by the state to close the 150 year-old Madison County Jail. He said there were 68 prisoners in 1990 and the number has now grown to 107 average daily population. He said the annual budget is $1,250,000 with a set aside of $100,000 each year. He added that only once in six years has he had to dip into that $100,000 and that was for $25,000 to provide some physical repairs.

He noted that there are 30 employees with inmates doing a good bit of the work of cooking and cleaning in the detention center. He added that eleven inmates go to to work on the city and county street crews, clean school buses, do maintenance work on the Valley View Ferry, and do landscaping. He said prisoners earn $1.25 per day for that outside work. He added that prisoners are maintained on an average funding of $27 per day per prisoner. This includes food, shelter, medical coverage, exercise programs and educational programs. He noted that some are given work release and some educational release to attend school but only at the direction of judges

Other examples of contraband Devere shown to Kiwanians is a knife (left) made from a plastic battleship game and an electric tattoo needle (right) made from a cannibalized cd player.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell's Talk Covered by Richmond Register

Madison County Attorney Speaks to Richmond Kiwanis Club

George Robbins, the Madison County attorney, addressed the Richmond Kiwanis Club on the role of the county attorney on February 5. Robbins, an EKU and Chase Law School graduate said his office deals with 16,000 cases with 20,000 to 30,000 charges per year. He said his office collects more than $3 million in child support payments each year. Robbins added that his office's role in collecting delinquent property taxes and in recovering money for local merchants for cold checks are primary means of paying for the four part-time assistant attorneys, two part-time paralegals, one secretary and several cooperative education students from EKU each year.

$500 earned in "All A Classic" Program Sales

Mark Calitri presents a check for $500 to Club Treasurer Brenda Blankenship. This was the club's share for selling programs during the week-long "All A Classic" basketball tournament held at the Alumni Coliseum on the Eastern Kentucky University campus. This is both a community service as part of an effort to attract people to Richmond for the tourney and is a fund raiser that helps fund many of Kiwanis' charitable activities.

Four New Members At One Time

Pictured left to right - conducting the induction was Dr. Ken Clawson, KT Governor elect; Mark Robbins, Madison County Attorney; Beth Sullivan, Richmond Kiwanis Club President; Dr. Kim Naugle, Coordinator, Counseling and Educational Psychology at Eastern Kentucky University; Andy Morris, Kiwanis Lt. Governor - Division 9; George Ridings, sponsor; P. Jared Noble, Senior Accountant at Craft and Company; Shirley Parks, Head Teller at PBK Bank and Brenda Blankenship, sponsor.

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