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December, 2002 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

December 3
Dale Suttles
Big Brothers / Big Sisters Program in Madison County

December 3 - 6:30 p.m.
Board of Director's Meeting - DeSloover's Realty

December 10
Martin McNew
Kit Carson District of the Boy Scouts of America

December 17
P.Jared Noble, Senior Accountant
Craft and Company, P.S.C.
"Tax Advantages"

December 24
Christmas Eve Roundtable

December 31
Bi-Monthly Planning Session and Club Business
Advanced Planning for March 1 Kiwanis Auction

Director of YMCA Gives Kiwanians Update of Plans and Services

Howard Loveland, director of the Telford YMCA, told the Richmond Kiwanis Club about the development and future plans of the local YMCA. Loveland pointed out that the Telford YMCA was incorporated in 1937, 65 years ago. He said that he personally came to Richmond in 1979 when he was hired by the YMCA board. He noted that Jack Taylor, a Richmond Kiwanis member, was on the original search committee that brought him in. He added that Dr. Robert Nayle, also a Richmond Kiwanis member, is the current vice chair of the YMCA board.

Loveland said that 2002 has been an excellent year for the YMCA with 4,000 individual holding membership. He said that there were 900 family membership and that 390 members were considered senior citizens with 130 of those were members who were more than 65 years of age.

He noted that there were a wide variety of programs that were tailored for the senior citizen. He said their Body Recall program is not only available at the YMCA but also at McCready Manor and Richmond Green. He added that water exercises are also available. He said there are individuals recovering from prostrate and open heart surgery that regularly use the YMCA facilities to recondition their bodies.

He said one of the principal missions of the YMCA, which affiliated with the YMCA of America in 1986, is to serve youth. More than 300 are involved in the Youth Basketball League. Loveland expressed his appreciation to the Richmond Kiwanis Club for sponsoring one of the Youth Basketball teams. He added that another strong supporter of youth programs of the YMCA has been the WHAS Children's Crusade.

One of the more popular activities at the YMCA are the aerobics classes which are attended by many young persons. He said day care facilities, which care for more than 100 children, is available while parents take aerobics classes.

One of the major new initiatives of the YMCA is the construction of a $170,000 addition in the gym, a rubberized overhead track. Loveland said this will permit runners to be conditioned without interfering with basketball games in progress. He said it is hoped that this track will be used by those seeking exercise and will take some of the pressure off of the 15 treadmills (each of which cost in excess of $6,000 each). He said at present the treadmills are almost always in use.

Loveland said many members have exercise equipment at home but prefer to use the YMCA facilities because of the socialization which occurs there. He said many televisions are also available for individuals to watch as they work out.

One of Loveland's hopes is that some day they will have an aerobic studio in their new facility, which was opened in 1992, and that they would some day have a warm water pool. He said lap swimmer prefer colder water whereas those doing water aerobics prefer warmer water. He said the addition of a warm water pool would permit the YMCA to serve both needs.

Howard Loveland, director of the Telford YMCA, shows the Richmond Kiwanis Club plans for a $170,000 addition in the gym, a rubberized overhead track. He said the illustration of the elevated track was produced by YMCA board member Dick Dean.

What To Do In The Grocery Store To Help Kids Behave ... Plan Ahead

Check attitudes -Is your child too tired or hungry to shop? Are you? If yes, postpone your trip or find a sitter.

Agree on rules -Before entering the store: "Stay close to the cart." "Use your quiet voice."

Agree on rewards -For good behavior: Keep it simple - choice of one snack food or a stop at the park. Promise to read a book or play a game at home.

At The Store - Make a game of it -Who can see the potatoes or soap first? Do you remember which animal milk comes from? Who is wearing red? Which foods start with a "B "?

Involve the child in the shopping -"Should we buy apples or oranges?" "Corn flakes or raisin bran?" "Popsicles or ice cream?"

Play -"I see something "in the checkout lane; ask the child to guess what it is.

Praise your child -"You are so helpful!" "You are making good choices today!"

If All Else Fails - Ignore inappropriate behavior unless it becomes dangerous, destructive, embarrassing to you, or annoying to others.

Remove a child who is out of control -take him to the restroom or out of the store. Tell him quietly, eyeball to eyeball, that his behavior is totally unacceptable. Wait and say nothing else until the child calms down. Then ask if he is ready to try again. Go home if the child cannot calm down. Find a sitter and return alone.

Remember: Kids will be kids -they are not perfect!


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Build a Better Relationship with Your Children!

Do a Fun Activity with Your Children Each Day This Month!


Play "follow the leader."

Finger paint.

Go to a pond
and feed the

Make a tent
with a table and

Wash the car.


Make paper
& sail them in the bathtub.

Make frozen
juice treats.

Plant seeds or
buy a flower.

Try cartwheels,
somersaults, or
crab walking.

Take silly
photos of one


Buy and read a
new book.

Draw pictures
of the weather.

Visit the library.

Make a
memories or
photo album.

Build a city out
of blocks.


Walk around the
holding hands.

Make a necklace
out of macaroni.

Shop for

Make a
bird-house from
a milk carton.

Take apart
something that
doesn't work.


Cook some
pudding together.

Play "hide and seek."

Blow bubbles.

Pick out 3 songs
and dance.

Make a giant ice
cream sundae to


Take a bubble

Learn a new

Bake some

Rent a video and
make a snack.

Visit the biggest
toy store in the


Reverse roles.

Child becomes the

Make puppets and
put on a show.

Go to the zoo or pet

Go to a museum.

Go for a picnic.

P.S. - These work for grandparents too! - but avoid the "Try cartwheels, somersaults, or crab walking.


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