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February, 2002 Newsletter

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February Theme - "Others Helping the Richmond Community"

February 5, 2001
Tim Jones, Former President
Union City Ruitans

February 12

Jack Conte, President
Richmond Lions Club

February 19

Kerry Odle, President
Richmond Rotary

February 26

Sam LaBarbera, Community Consultant
United Way of the Bluegrass

Kiwanis Supports Art Education for Children

Mrs. Sharla Davidson an Art Teacher at Mayfield School told members of the Richmond Kiwanis on January 22 about the various programs of art education available in the Richmond community. She emphasized the way in which the arts interrelate - visual arts, music arts, dance, etc. She identified the areas of support of the arts in our area such as the Madison County Schools, the Richmond Area Arts Council, the Kentucky Council of Arts and the School Community Arts Partnership Program.

She pointed out the highlights of some of the arts program which bring in artists to work with children. One example of how the artists work with students was when Pat Banks worked with students to produce a "Nutrition" mural (above) which was painted by students on a wall near the school cafeteria.

Mrs. Davidson also pointed out the special needs of the arts programs. After her presentation the Richmond Kiwanis board met and approved $200 to support the School Community Arts Partnership Program at Mayfield School. George Ridings, a member of the Kiwanis board presented the check to Mrs. Davidson.

Pat Banks Invites Kiwanis Club to Partner with the Arts

Pat Banks, a water color artist and school arts consultant, spoke to the Richmond Kiwanis club and suggested various ways which the Kiwanis club could partner with local artisans. She suggested one of the first ways was to attend the various openings of arts shows in Richmond. She said the next show was scheduled for March 12 - April 30, 2002.

She encouraged Kiwanians to attend the reception for the artists at the Gellery on the Main located in the Community Trust Bank Building on 128 West Main Street (across from the County Courthouse). The reception for the artists, which include Warren Brunner, Jeff Chapman Crane, Alfredo Escabar, Mitch Tolle, Anna Daniel Hall and Pat Banks will be held at the gallery from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12. Special hosts of the reception will include EKU President Joanne Glasser and State Representative Harry Moberly. The reception which is entitled "Earth Days in the Cumberland," is sponsored in part by the Community Trust Bank, the Center for Appalachian Students at Eastern Kentucky University and the Earth Days Committee. Banks suggested the Kiwanis club might be interested in serving as one of the November, 2002 reception sponsors and further suggested that the artisans may be interested in working with Kiwanis for the Kiwanis 2003 auction.

Banks also told about various arts projects with children. One of the projects she specifically mention was the sand sculpture project at Boonesboro last summer. She also has been active in school mural projects at Mayfield School.

EKU Sculptor Tells of Making Daniel Boone Bust

E.C. Hale, a member of the Department of Art Faculty told the Kiwanis club how he researched the sculpting of the Daniel Boone bust which is currently on display in Boonesboro. Here he holds up photos of Boone relatives that he visited to observe family characteristics as well as viewing the plaster casts of Boones skull currently on display at the Filson Club.

K-T Governor Ken Clawson Receives Unique Gift

K-T Governor Ken Clawson received a unique gift from the Louisville Kiwanis club when he visited in January. They had a special Louisville Slugger bat made up with his name and K-T title.

Ken - with that bat we are expecting some big things from you.

Hamilton East Kiwanis Club Helps Improve Teen Driver Safety

On January 21, with the help of the Hamilton East Kiwanis Club, a new international initiative was launched to promote teen driver safety and is now available across North America.

As car crashes are the greatest cause of permanent injury and death of teens in North America and virtually in every industrialized nation the importance of action on this is of paramount importance. Every parent worries for their son or daughter to return home safely each time they take the car or are a passenger in car driven by another teen.

I am pleased to bring you this report on the program and information on the role played by Kiwanis.

The I Promise Program has parent and teen sit down together to discuss mutual expectations about responsible driving, before the teen hits the streets with the family car. Together they complete the Parent-Teen Mutual Safe Driving Contract. Then, to keep the parent and teen true to their mutual commitment and to provide accountability, they affix a rear window decal that displays a toll-free number so that they can receive community reports on their own driving. Calls are taken by a professional call center and are only sent to the parents...

From the website, you will not only learn about the initiative but can also read over 90 letters of support, including Hamilton East Kiwanis Club, and some 45 published articles:

The program enjoys tremendous support from the Hamilton East Kiwanis Club (Canada). I had the pleasure of attending a function of theirs a few weeks ago where the prestigious Robert P. Connelly medal for heroism was awarded to a Hamilton police officer, who, while off-duty carried out a life saving rescue of persons in a burning car. This was one of only six such medals that Kiwanis awarded this year internationally. The prominence of Kiwanis in our community is fantastic...

The Hamilton East Kiwanis Club has been an integral part to the development of the I Promise Program. Since my first presentation there last year, the membership has provided valuable suggestions for modifications to the program design. I single out Bill Sargeant for helping me re-conceive how to target the parents along with the teens and it was Andy Gaudet that actually suggested the name!

As a result of the Hamilton East Kiwanis Club support, a resolution was passed last July in Jamaica at the Eastern Canadian & Caribbean and Caucus convention. To help with the presentation in Jamaica, car crash data was provided through the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre by Dr. Laura McDougal, who herself approached local Kiwanis members, affiliated with the center for input...

I understand that a similar resolution is now on the table for the international convention this year in New Orleans. Andy Gaudet, president of the Hamilton club will be presenting it. The resolution calls for endorsement of the I Promise Program and I can tell you we are honoured for such support.

The program had it's official North America launch on January 21st. And again we are thankful to Kiwanis. As it happened, we were bringing in a wonderful traffic safety speaker from Richmond, BC, who was only available that week. What I didn't realize is that it was exam week for high schools throughout the province of Ontario, Canada and I was therefore unable to find a high school to participate in the launch!

Kiwanis came through.

Andy Gaudet spoke with Jim McIntosh on a Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning Jim had already lined up a meeting for us with the principal of Orchard Park Secondary School and an hour later we had a commitment from the principal to hold the launch at her school, with the promise that she would manage the school board for any difficulties arising.

The launch went without a hitch. Cara Johnston, traffic safety speaker, gave a stunning presentation to 600 students about traffic safety and we followed her presentation with a major press conference that was covered by newspaper, radio and television. The launch was attended by many Hamilton East Kiwanis Club members, police and city officials. The Hamilton East Kiwanis Club Logo was proudly on display on a special "I Promise Program" poster that stood in front of the podium.

With respect to the I Promise Program, our main objective remains that it be available at no cost to families. We are making strides towards this objective. Ontario is the first jurisdiction worldwide to have an insurance company totally cover the cost of the program. The Dominion of Canada General insurance Company received approval from the Ontario insurance regulator to offer a discount sizable enough to cover the cost. This paves the way for other insurance companies in Ontario to follow suit.

In Grand Falls - Windsor, Newfoundland, Gary King Insurance Agency together with the Co-operators will pay half the cost towards the program. (The cost through the insurance company is $40.00 so families will only pay $20.00)

In Lancaster, South Carolina, "Healthy Lancaster" has purchased 100 registration of the program to distribute to parents at no cost, through a local high school.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, we are currently chatting with Driscoll Children's Hospital to do the same.

We are also chatting now with several US insurance companies, who only a few short months ago, were not returning calls.

Discussion is underway with a few major corporations to obtain corporate support. This remains illusive, but we are hopeful that one will soon come on board to help us communicate our message to the public. Given the scope of the program it is important to find a corporate sponsor with national or international reach.

In short, we have gone from concept to design to launch in just under 2 years. We have a major insurance company offering a discount in Canada's largest province and we are making inroads in other provinces. Health organizations in the United States have come on board. We are on the agenda of one of the largest and best thought of service clubs in the world for an international endorsement.

We are thrilled with the progress and cannot overstate the role that Kiwanis has played. The gratitude I feel towards the Hamilton East Kiwanis Club extends to all Kiwanis members. This club is an amazing reflection on a truly wonderful organization.

We look forward to improving teen driver safety and reducing the number of crashes, injuries and deaths...

We are grateful for your help!

Best to you.

Gary Direnfeld, Executive Director
I Promise Program
20 Suter Crescent,
Dundas, Ontario, Canada
L9H 6R5

(905) 628-4847

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