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July, 2002 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

"Kiwanis Bringing Service to Richmond and the World"

July 2
Piddle Johnson
"Service Provided by the Pritchard Committee"

July 9
Barry Metcalf
"Public Service"

July 12
Tenth Annual Kiwanis Charity Golf Tournament

(Twi-Light Scramble)
Gibson Bay Golf Course

July 16
Barbara Bentley, Program Coordinator
Rape Crisis Center
Safe Alternatives
Satellite Center for the Spose Abuse Center
"Service to Those Experiencing Domestic violence"

July 23
Dr. Kenneth Clawson, Governor
Kiwanis Kentucky-Tennessee District
"Service Provided by Kiwanis International"

July 30
David Grandgeorge, Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Madison County
"Building for the Future in Madison County"

Habitat for Humanity of Madison County Thanks Kiwanis for $1,000 Support

Guy Patrick, the Executive Director of the Habitat for Humanity of Madison County, recently acknowledged the Richmond Kiwanis Club contribution of $1000 toward their work.

He wrote "Thank you for your generous contribution of $1,000. It comes at a very exciting time for Habitat. Spring is bringing out many hands to help and your gift helps provide the materials necessary to keep all our volunteers busy."

"We have finished one of our houses for 2002 and we have four in various stages of construction. A team of 12 AmeriCorps members are here for a six weeks stay. They are putting the final touches on a home for Clarence and Theresa Miller and their four children. A house for Ms. Daisy Phelps and her two children is almost ready for dry walling. Vicki Beeler's old home has been torn down and a new home was blitzed at the end of April and is almost ready for occupancy. Because of your gift, we are beginning to consider adding another house to our seven house goal for 2002.

"Work has begun on the Scaffold Cane property in Berea where we will be able to build 24 homes for needy families. We are also moving ahead to acquire a 14 acre field in Waco for future builds," he added.

The Richmond Kiwanis Club has been a long time supporter of the work of Habitat for Humanity of Madison County.

Puckett Tells Club to Get Ready for Summer Sports

Suzanne Puckett, a Physical Therapist with the Commonwealth Sports and Industrial Rehabilitation spoke to the Richmond Kiwanis club on June 4 "Getting Ready for Summer Sports."

Puckett recommended that summer sports participants condition themselves prior to sports activities to avoid injuries. She provided examples of a number of stretching exercises that should be done prior to and after engaging in golf and tennis. She said walking for 10 minutes and then the stretching exercises would significantly reduce the possibility of injury. She added that the stretching exercises should then be repeated at the conclusion of sports activities.

She also recommended that golfers build up their walking tolerance by first walking one-half mile - then in a few days walking one mile - and finally building up to walking from three to five miles. She said the walking exercises should be on a terrain that is similar to that of the golf course. She added that walking at the golf course provides worthwhile cardiovascular exercise.

She said the stretching excercises the demonstrated would reduce the risk of both golfer's elbow and tennis' elbow.

Prior to her presentation she heard several members of the Richmond Kiwanis Club give reports about various activities. One report was on the Tenth Annual Kiwanis Charity Golf Tournament (Twi-Light Scramble) scheduled held at the Gibson Bay Golf Course on July 12. The report of the second half of the competition to be played at night with lighted balls reminded her of a story about Arnold Palmer which she shared with the club.

Puckett then told a story about Arnold Palmer talking with a blind golfer. Palmer asked the blind golfer how he knew where to hit the ball. One blind golfer said the caddy goes to the hole and rings a bell to let the golfer know the location of the hole. Palmer asked how successful he was using this technique. The blind golfer said he was so successful that he would bet him $1,000 he would beat him. Palmer says, "How many strokes do I have to give you?" "None," says the blind golfer. "You want to play 18 holes with me, you get no handicap, and I win $1, 000 if I beat you!" "That's right," says the golfer. "OK" says Palmer "You're on. What time is our tee time?" "10:30 ...... Tonight," says the blind golfer.

Details on the Kiwanis Charity Golf Tournament scheduled for July 12 are 6 p.m. - play the back nine; 8:15 p.m. - dinner; 9 p.m. - play the front nine with lighted ball. The cost is $40 per person which includes golf and dinner. Individuals may register for the golf tournament by contacting Brenda Blankenship at 859-624-2479 or at . Dr. Robert Nayle at 859-623-6256 or at:

Hole sponsors will both be listed at the Gibson Bay Golf Course and on the Richmond Kiwanis web site at

Miller and Shafer Receive Kiwanis Scholarships

Nicholas C. Miller (left) of Model School received a $300 Kiwanis scholarship from the Richmond Kiwanis Club. Miller indicated that he plans to attend the University of Kentucky. His parents were in attendance at the Richmond Kiwanis Club when he was recognized for his outstanding academic performance.

Katie L. Shafer (right) also of Model School received a $300 George Brown Memorial Key Club Scholarship from the Richmond Kiwanis Club. Her mother, a faculty member a Model School and the Key Club sponsor, was in attendance at the Richmond Kiwanis Club when she was recognized for her outstanding leadership of the Key Club. Key Clubs are the high school equivalent of a community Kiwanis Club.

George Brown Memorial Key Club Scholarship is named in honor of a former Eastern Kentucky University Department of Technology faculty member and long-time Richmond Kiwanis member.

Occupational Therapy Professor Describes the Role of OT

Kathy Splintner-Watkins, an Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at Eastern Kentucky University, spoke on "Occupational Therapy and Wellness" at the June 25 meeting of the Richmond Kiwanis Club.

Splintner-Watkins indicated that she developed her interest in occupational therapy while working at the Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship and Riding Center in Dallas, TX. She said she enjoyed working with chidren ages three to eight with disabilities. She said she was challenged to assist children become socially, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

She indicated that occupational therapists work in schools, pre-schools, hospitals, mental health institutions, prisons, manufacturing facilities, nursing homes and community centers.

She conducted a paper and pencil exercise to help members of the club do self assessments.

She also dscribed the major changes that the Occupational Therapy program at Eastern Kentucky Unversity is engaged in. In the future all OTs must complete M.S. degrees rather than B.S. degrees. She said there would be an entry-level M.S. program in OT.

Dr. Morris Taylor listens to instructions on completing a wellness wheel as part of the presentation.

Events in July 2002

July 1-31: Recreation and Parks Month - To showcase and invite community participation in quality leisure activities for all segments of the population. National Recreation and Parks Association, (703) 858-2170.

July 1: Canada Day - A Canadian national holiday in observance of the country's national day. Formerly known as Dominion Day, Canada Day commemorates the confederation of Upper and Lower Canada and some of the Maritime Provinces into the Dominion of Canada in 1867.

July 1: Caribbean or Caricom Day - The anniversary of the treaty establishing the Caribbean Community, signed by the prime ministers of Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago on July 4, 1973. Observed as a public holiday by the participating nations annually on the first Monday in July.

July 2: Civil Rights Act of 1964 Anniversary - US President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1964 into law, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race in public accommodations, in publicly owned or operated facilities, in employment and union membership, and in the registration of voters. The bill included Title VI, which allowed for the cutoff of federal funding in areas where discrimination persisted.

July 4: US Independence Day - A legal holiday in the US to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress.

July 11: United Nations World Population Day - This day seeks to focus public attention on the urgency and importance of population issues, particularly in the context of overall development plans and programs and the need to create solutions to these problems. UN Department of Public Information, (212) 963-4475.

July 14-20: Therapeutic Recreation Week - To increase awareness of therapeutic recreation programs and services and to expand leisure opportunities for individuals with disabilities in their local communities. National Therapeutic Recreation Society, (703) 858-2153.

July 18: Chicago Golf Club Anniversary - On July 18, 1893, the first 18-hole golf course in America was incorporated at Wheaton, Illinois, by Charles Blair MacDonald. MacDonald planned many of the early US courses and believed that at each tee a golfer should face a hazard at the average distance of his or her shot.

July 20: Special Olympics Day - Official anniversary of the first-ever International Special Olympics Competition, staged in 1968 at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois. Today, more than 1 million athletes in more than 160 countries train and compete in 26 Olympics-style summer and winter sports. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics provides people with mental retardation continuing opportunities to develop fitness, demonstrate courage, and experience joy as they participate in the sharing of gifts and friendship with other athletes, their families, and the community. Special Olympics, (202) 824-0338.

July 25-31: Salad Week - A week to educate consumers of the importance of incorporating more raw vegetables in their diet. <>.

July 28: Parents' Day - To pay tribute to the men and women whose devotion as parents strengthens society and forms the foundation for a bright future for children.

July 31: President's Environmental Youth Award Competition - Young people in the United States are invited to participate in this program, which offers them an opportunity to be recognized for environmental efforts in their community. The program encourages individuals, school classes, schools, summer camps, and youth organizations to promote local environmental awareness and positive community involvement. Office of Environmental Education, (202) 564-0449.

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