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August, 2004 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

August 3, 6:30 p.m.

August 3, 6:30 p.m.
Board of Director's Meeting
Craft Noble and Company, PLLC

August 10
Marilou Piddle Johnson, Family Services Coordinator
Migrant Headstart offered by Kentucky River Foothills

August 17
Dr. Ken Clawson, Past Governor of KT District
Report on Events at the 1004 KT District Convention

August 24
Mike McMahan
Madison County Community Partnership

August 31
Bi-Monthly Planning Session and Club Business

Former Kentucky-Tennessee Governor Reports on 2004 K-T Convention

Dr. Kenneth Clawson, past governor of the Kentucky Tennessee District of Kiwanis International, gave a detailed report on the 2004 Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis Convention. Here he holds up his badge and describes what each of the ribbons stand for and the support programs they represent.

The K-T District Convention was held on August 13-15 in Clarksville, Tennessee. Clawson reported that this was truly the best organized K-T convention in quite awhile. The host Division 14 clubs went out of their way to make the convention a memorable one for all attendees.

The Richmond Kiwanis club was recognized for it's distinguished administration, a service performed by Danny Damrell, the 11 year secretary of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond. The club also received an award for the best club web site in Kentucky and Tennessee. The site was developed and maintained by Glen Kleine. This was the first such competition for web sites to be held by any district in Kiwanis International. The judging was done by the webmasters of the Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania web sites.

Infromation was provided on both the next K-T Conference to be held in Louisville, KY and the 90th Annual Kiwanis International Convention to be in Honolulu, Hawaii July 2-6, 2005.

$1,500 in Scholarships Presented to High School Seniors

Annie Caitlin Kipp, a senior at Model High School, was presented the George Brown Scholarship in Academics and Community Involvement by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond. The club gave Ms. Kipp, an active member of the Model School Key Club, a $500 scholarship award. Because Ms. Kipp completed a minimum of 100 hours of community service and because she received at least a $500 scholarship from another source (the Kiwanis scholarship) she also received the Presidential Freedom Student Service Challenge scholarship, a $500 matching scholarship which is available to high school juniors or seniors. Ms. Kipp plans to continue her education at Eastern Kentucky University. She is the daughter of James A. Kipp, an administrator at the University of Kentucky, and Susan Kipp, an Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Kentucky University.

Alicia Turner, a senior at Madison Central High School, was presented a $500 scholarship by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond. Ms. Turner was recognized by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond for exceptional academic and service performance. She is the daughter of Donna Turner and is undecided about which college she will attend.

Lesley Carr, a senior at Model High School, was presented a $500 scholarship by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond. Ms. Carr was recognized by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond for exceptional academic and service performance. Ms. Carr plans to continue her education at Georgetown College. She is the daughter of James B Carr, a builder / developer and Rebecca Carr, a school nurse.

Calendar of July Events - Possibile Topics for Speakers

August 1-31 - Admit You're Happy Month ­ Sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People, this month encourages people to express happiness and discourages parade raining. For info: Pam Johnson; 972-471-1485;

August 1-31 - Cataract Awareness Month ­ Cataracts are a common cause of poor vision, particularly for the elderly, but they are treatable. For info: American Academy of Ophthalmology; 415-561-8500;

August 1-31 - Children's Vision and Learning Month ­ A month-long campaign encouraging parents to have their children's vision examined by an eye-care professional prior to the start of the new school year. For info: Mike Smith, executive director, American Foundation for Vision Awareness; 800-927 AFVA.

August 1-31 - National Win with Civility Month ­ When we are civil to each other, we confirm our worth and acknowledge the worth of others. For info: Thomas Danaher; 702-386-9115.

August 1-7 - Simplify Your Life Week ­ A week to encourage people to simplify their lives and reduce clutter, thereby reducing stress and acquiring a happier and more peaceful lifestyle. For information about this worldwide organization and 100 ways to simplify one's life, send $5 to cover printing, handling and postage expenses. For info: Stanley Drake, president, International Society of Friendship and Good Will, 8592 Roswell Rd., Ste 434, Atlanta, Georgia 30350-1870.

August 10-16 - National Resurrect Romance Week ­ Event focuses on celebrating creative, noncommercialized romance. Encourages men and women to find ways to be romantic every day this week by using their hearts and not their wallets. For info: Michael Webb; 888-476-6268 or 919-462 0900;

From the Archives


As he gathered the staff around the chart, Kiwanis International secretary O. E. "Pete" Peterson pointed out that Kiwanis membership had reached an all-time high as of March 7 1944, surpassing 125,000 members in Canada and the United States. This total included 11,427 members who temporarily had been reclassified as military service members due to involvement in World War II.

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