Richmond Kiwanis Club

March, 2004 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

March 2
Auction Prep - Business meeting on the auction

March 6
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Annual Kiwanis Auction
Richmond City Hall
- Also on Adelphia Cable Channels 5 and 12 and WEKY AM Radio

March 5-7
Mid-Year K-T District Conference in Lexington

March 9
Glen Kleine reports on Mid-Year Conference
Annual Kiwanis Auction Results

March 16
Jail Representative Seeking K-9 Dog Training

March 23
Larry Inman
EKU Women's Basketball

March 30
Phillis Adams
Report on Children's Champions

Kentucky-Tennessee Mid Year Convention 2004

March 5-7, 2004

Four Points Sheraton
1938 Stanton Way
Lexington, KY

Sunday, March 7, 2004 - click here for one-day registration form

7:30 am - Breakfast Buffet - Salon D

8:30 am - Devotional - Salons B & C

9:15 am to 11:30 am - BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICIAL MEETING - Presiding: Governor Wayne Sullivan

Mid-Year Conference Adjourned

General Session ­ Saturday, March 6, 2004 - Salons B & C

8:30 am - Call to Order ­ Presiding: Governor Wayne Sullivan
Pledge - America - Invocation

8:40 am - Finance Committee Report - Bud Lane, Chairman

8:50 am - State of the District ­ Governor Wayne Sullivan

9:15 am - Policy & Procedures ­ Edward Callis & Asa Bishop

10:15 am - 15 Minute Break

10:30 am District New Club Building and Growth - International New Club Development Manager Brian Crees

11:30 am - New Club Builder ­ Terrell Horne

Noon - Deli Lunch Buffet - Salon D

1:15 pm - Communications, Dues, Reports and Grading - District Secretary/Treasurer Fran Marion

1:30 pm - Public Relations & Marketing and K-T Notes - Paul "PR" Cook & Fred Troutman

2:00 pm - Sponsored Youth Presenters:
Circle K Clubs ­ Governor Kassy & Ron Cooper
Key Clubs ­ Governor Mimia, Steve Phillips, Gene Harrell
Builders Clubs ­ Edye Bryant
K-Kids ­ Piddle Johnson

3:00 pm - F-U-N with Governor Wayne

3:30 pm - 15 Minute Break

3:45 pm - Young Children: Priority One - David Y. Olinger, Jr.

4:00 pm - Youth Services - Bill Larson

4:15 pm - Wanna Be A Lt. Governor or Governor - Charles Ridenour

5:15 - 6:30 pm - District Foundation Meeting - Salons B & C

2004 General Assembly Issues, Richmond Chamber of Commerce

1. $33 million for Business Technology Center (BTC) at Eastern Kentucky University. This is complete the 2nd Phase of the project which includes meeting and convention space as will as a performing arts theatre.

2. Richmond Battlefield Park. Over $1 million is still needed to implement Phase I of the restoration and development of The Battle of Richmond Museum and Visitors Center at Battlefield Park.

3. Transportation/Roads. The Chamber supports the expediting of two road projects as soon as possible: 1. Duncannon Lane, new exit off I-75 and widening, and 2. U.S. 25 widening from the Eastern ByPass to U.S. 421.

4. Federal Research Laboratory. The Chamber supports any General Assembly efforts to bring a Federal Research Lab to central Kentucky or Eastern Kentucky University.

5. Commitment To Research & New Economy. The Chamber strongly supports the continuation of the "Bucks for Brains" initiative and other programs to ensure that Eastern Kentucky University has the research capabilities and entrepreneurial staff and faculty to help plan a 21st Century economy for the region. This is especially important in light of the $2 billion chemical destruction plant being built at the Blue Grass Army Depot by Bechtel-Parsons with "sustainable economy" goals.

6. Tax Modernization. The Chamber supports initiatives to modernize our state and local tax structure without placing undue stress on businesses. The Chamber believes that the future of our economy depends on the ability of small businesses and entrepreneurs to operate with limited government intervention rather than ever-increasing tax regulations and responsibilities.

7. Health Insurance. Ever-increasing health care premiums for businesses continues to be the number one concern of our membership. The Chamber will support efforts to contain the costs of health care. The Chamber feels that the answer to these problems is
Creating more competition between insurance companies and providing opportunities for insurance companies to return to Kentucky.

8. Medical Malpractice. The Chamber is concerned for its health care businesses and doctors that Medial Malpractice insurance is at a crisis level in this state. We will support effective measures to address medical malpractice, which contributes to higher health care costs and higher premiums.

9. Workers Compensation. The Chamber has always been actively involved in Workers' Compensation legislation and supports measures to decrease growing costs for Madison County and central Kentucky employers.

10. Cigarette/Tobacco/Gasoline Taxes. While Madison County is one of the top tobacco producing counties in the nation, The Chamber also sees that increasing the tax on tobacco sales to become more consistent with surrounding states, can be one piece of the puzzle to solving our state's budget crisis. A reasonable increase in the gas tax can also help in addressing the budget deficit. Our membership will be studying these taxes and others in regards to their affects on local businesses before positions are taken.

11. Water Supply. The Chamber supports investments in maintenance and upgrades on the lock and dam system of the Kentucky River to preserve our primary water supply. The Chamber also supports a regional approach to determine our future needs and options.

12. Land Use Planning. The Chamber supports planning for long-term planned growth and economic development in central Kentucky as a region. We encourage a balanced approach between the growth and preservation needs of our region and we support the concept of the Kentucky river basin as a natural greenbelt zone of the region.

13. Workforce Development. The Chamber supports all positive legislation that supports education, adult literacy, business and education partnerships, and any commitment to prevent "brain drain" from central Kentucky and encourage our "best and brightest" to stay in the region or return.

Timely Speakers for March

March 1-31:

Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month ­ This month educates consumers, patients, and professionals regarding the need for early diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer. For information, contact Frederic S. Mayer, president, Pharmacists Planning Service Inc., 101 Lucas Valley Road, #210, San Rafael, CA 94903; phone, 415-479-8628; ;

Mental Retardation Month ­ This month educates the public about the needs of this nation's more than seven million citizens with mental retardation and about ways to prevent retardation. For information, contact The Arc, 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 650, Silver Spring, MD 20910; phone, 301-565-3842; Web site.

Music in our Schools Month ­ The goal is to increase public awareness of the importance of music education as part of a balanced curriculum. Additional information and awareness items are available. For information, contact Deidre Healy, manager of Special Programs, Music Educators National Conference, 1806 Robert Fulton Drive, Reston, VA 20191; phone, 800-336-3768; Web site.

National Craft Month ­ This month promotes the fun and creativity of hobbies and crafts. For information, contact Hobby Industry Association, National Craft Month, Richartz and Fliss, 400 Morris Avenue, Denville, NJ 07834; phone, 973-627-8180; Web site.

National Nutrition Month ­ This month educates consumers about the importance of good nutrition by providing the latest practical information on how simple it can be to eat healthfully. For information, contact the American Dietetic Association, 216 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Il 60606; phone, 312-899-0040; e-mail; Web site.

Red Cross Month ­ This month serves to make the public aware of AmericanRed Cross service in the community. There are some 1,300 Red Cross offices nationwide. For information on activities in your area, contact your local Red Cross office. For information, contact the American Red Cross

National Headquarters, Office of Public Inquiry, Arc, 1621 N. Kent Street, 11th Floor, Arlington, VA 22209; phone, 703-248-4222; e-mail; Web site.

March 5-11

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week ­ Famous Amos cookies was born on March 5, 1975 from Wally's Aunt Della's secret recipe. For information, contact Rosica, Mulhern Inc-Strategic Public Relations, 95 Route 17 South, Suite 109, Paramus, NJ 07652; phone, 201-843-5600; e-mail.

March 20

Great American Meatout ­ America's foremost celebration of meatless eating asks consumers to "kick the meat habit, at least for the day" at 2,000 events across the country. For information, contact the Farm Animal Reform Movement, Box 30654, Bethesda, MD 20824; phone, 301-530-1737 or 800-MEATOUT; e-mail; Web site.

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