Richmond Kiwanis Club

May, 2004 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

May 4
Mac Wall, CEO
Kentucky Educational Television

May 11
Chris Jolly, Director of Education
Pregnancy Help Center

May 18
Erin Rosacker, Program Coordinator
Richmond Parks and Recreation

May 25
Planning for Golf Scramble

Newly Elected 2004-2005 Officers of the Richmond Kiwanis Club


Dr. Kim A. Naugle
 859-626-1724 (H)
859-622-1863 (W)



VP/Pres Elect

Dave Harkleroad 859-623-8385 859-623-8385 (H)
859-624-1782 (W)
859-582-3607 (Cell)


Danny Damrel
859-623-6795 (H)
859-582-3029 (Cell)


Brenda Blankenship
859-624-2479 (H)
859-626-4945 (W)


Piddle Johnson
859-623-1568 (H)
859-623-7233 ext 206 (W)

2004-2005 Board Members of the Richmond Kiwanis Club

Tracy Burdett
859-256-2312 (H)
859-626-5150 (W)

Mark Ernst
859-626-9770 (H)
859-625-6522 (W)

Elbert Hudson
859-625-9774 (Home)

Dr. Robert Nayle
859-623-6256 (H)

Dana Sheets
859-369-3045 (H)
859-623-9356 (W)
859-893-3677 (Cell)

Wayne Short
859-626-1180 (W)
859-893-0624 (Cell)
859-626- 1748 (Fax)

Dr. Morris Taylor
859-623-1211 (H)

Kiwanis Club Participates in 2004 Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Click here to see additional photos of event

Piddle Johnson, Presidnet of the Richmond Kiwanis Club displays a photo of the Kiwanis basketball team that completed as part of the Telford YMCA team.

Here is a closeup of the Richmond Kiwanis team.

Joe Bentley, Assistant Director of the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department gave a detailed report on "Leadership Madison County." He indicated that there were a lengthy orientation that ran from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. - and it was followed with monthly tours of government, business, agriculture and other areas of interest within the county and in Frankfort.

Timely Speakers for May

To assist program directors in scheduling timely speakers, please take note of the following dates:

May 1-31

Clean Air Month-Calls for enforcement of the Clean Air Act. The American Lung Association, 800-LUNG-USA

Creative Beginnings Month-Encourages everyone to enroll in a course, write a poem, plant a garden, coordinate a social event. While developing your gifts, encourage others to also cultivate their own creative beginnings. Christina Bergenholtz, 508-839-5139

Get Caught Reading Month-Events will be staged throughout the country to celebrate reading. Association of American Publishers, 212-255-0200

Bike Month-Annual celebration of bicycling for recreation and transportation. League of American Bicyclists, 202-822-1333

Book Month-Invites everyone to take time out to treat themselves to the pleasure of reading a book. National Book Foundation, 212-685-0261

Mental Health Month-National Mental Health Association, 800-969-NMHA

Physical Fitness and Sports Month-Encourages individuals and organizations to promote fitness activities and programs. President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 202-690-9000

Stroke Awareness Month-National Stroke Association, 800-787-6437

Teaching and Joy Month-Celebrates the great joy of great teaching and great learning. Thank a teacher for creating an atmosphere of joy. Jackson Community College, 517-796-8488

Personal History Awareness Month-Informs, instructs, and inspires ALL ages to compile a personal history. Margaret Ingram, 541-924-0268

May 8-14

Kiwanis Prayer Week-Encourages Kiwanis clubs to promote religious activities throughout their communities and to recognize individuals for their contributions to spiritual welfare.

May 11-June 15

National Family Month-Celebrates and promotes strong, supportive families. Annually Mother's Day through Father's Day. 800-25-PEACE

Preparing Tomorrow's Parents Month-Celebrates mothers and fathers. Stage at least one activity between Mother's Day and Father's Day to help prepare a child or teen to become a better parent in the future, 561-620-0256

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