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August, 2005 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

August 2 - Noon
To be Announced
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August 2 - 6 p.m.
Board Meeting
DeSloover's Realty

August 9 - Noon
To be Announced
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August 16 - Noon
To be Announced
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August 23 - Noon
To be Announced
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August 30 - Noon
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Kiwanis and Circle K Assists Reading is Fundamental at 2005 Summer Book Distribution

Brenda Blankenship helps a young girl prepare a necklace. Necklace beads and shapes were provided by the Richmond Kiwanis Club

Thanks to prospective members of Circle K of Eastern Kentucky University for their help at the 2005 RIF event. They are: Reginald Dewayne Rose, Sarah Webb, Melinda Coffey, and Troy. One of the small customers wanted to get into the photo and the Circle K members were glad to oblige her.

For Additional Photos of the RIF Fair Click Here

Brenda Blankenship, the Kiwanis Club of Richmond longtime treasurer, shared several photos of her grandaughter. Brenda says she will miss a few Kiwanis meetings while she accompanies her granddaughter to Orland where her grandaughter will be considered by an agency looking for children for television commercials and modeling of children's clothing for magazines. Brenda - she's a really wholesome looking kid - we see the resemblance.

August 1-31
Admit You're Happy Month ­ Sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People, this month encourages people to express happiness and discourages parade raining. For info: Pam Johnson; 972-471-1485
Cataract Awareness Month ­ Cataracts are a common cause of poor vision, particularly for the elderly, but they are treatable. For info: American Academy of Ophthalmology; 415-561-8500

August 1-7
Simplify Your Life Week ­ A week to encourage people to simplify their lives and reduce clutter, thereby reducing stress and acquiring a happier and more peaceful lifestyle. For information about this worldwide organization and 100 ways to simplify one's life, send $5 to cover printing, handling, and postage. For info: Stanley Drake, president, International Society of Friendship and Good Will, 8592 Roswell Rd., Ste 434, Atlanta, Georgia 30350-1870.

August 10-16

National Resurrect Romance Week ­ Event focuses on celebrating creative, noncommercialized romance. Encourages men and women to find ways to be romantic every day this week by using their hearts and not their wallets. For info: Michael Webb; 888-476-6268 or 919-462-0900

For emails and web sites of above see:

Little things make your reputation

Public relations isn't just publicity.   In fact, all contacts with the public are "public relations."   To ensure that each of these contacts helps to build the Kiwanis image is the responsibility of every Kiwanian, from the club president to the newest member.   Public relations is, as the military says, "an all?hands job."

Yet to make sure the job gets done, one individual-the public relations chairperson-must be constantly aware of all facets of Kiwanis contact with the public.   Your job as public relations chairperson is one of the most important, and one of the most rewarding, in Kiwanis.   Here are some of the "little things" you should insist on:

·  Writing thank?you letters to speakers and all those who contribute time, effort, or money to Kiwanis activities.   Present a token of appreciation, if appropriate.   Certificates, coffee mugs, coasters, or other small gifts with your club name are a way of saying thanks while also giving someone a promotional item representing your club. (See Kiwanis International Merchandise Catalog for available items.)

·  Arranging annual public expressions of appreciation to local news people for the help they render through their columns and broadcasts.

·  Extending invitations to editors, station managers, mayors, school superintendents, and other public officials to visit Kiwanis meetings and get acquainted with your members.

·  Writing letters of congratulations to newly elected leaders of other service, civic, religious, and community groups.

·  Writing letters of appreciation to public officials who perform their duties in an outstanding manner.

·  Extending Kiwanis support to worthy community efforts such as the Red Cross, blood bank, Salvation Army shelter, etc.

·  Extending real hospitality to every guest, whether Kiwanian, civic official, or reporter, who attends a Kiwanis meeting or event.

·  Ensuring Kiwanis representation on important civic bodies such as the chamber of commerce, school board, Community Chest, etc.

·  Maintaining Kiwanis road signs as well as signs designating the club's meeting place.

Every Kiwanis service project constitutes good public relations, whether it is publicized or not.   In fact, publicity may not be desirable for some projects, when public notice might be embarrassing to recipients of Kiwanis' helping hand.   However, no Kiwanis club can long maintain its reputation without a real commitment to community service.   After all, what we do speaks louder than what we say-and what Kiwanis does is service.

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