Richmond Kiwanis Club

May, 2005 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

May 1 - Noon
Scholarship winners selected and invited to a Kiwanis lunch by this date

May 3 - Noon
Trooper Chris Lanham
"Trooper Island"
Speaker Sponsor - Danny Damrel

May 3 - 6 p.m.
Board Meeting
DeSloover's Realty

May 10 - Noon
Planning Session and Club Business

May 17 - Noon
Piddle Johnson
ROUTE - Road Ready Operators Understanind Transporation Excellence

May 24 - Noon
Carol Siler Development
Speaker Sponsor - Beth Thompson

May 31 - Noon
Nmelli Nnoromelli, Freshman, Model School
2005 Junior Statesman Summer School at Princeton University
Speaker Sponsor - Jim Todd

Kiwanis Governor Visits Cemetery Clean Up Site

Some of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond participants in the Four Mile Road Old Soldiers Cemetery Cleanup on Kiwanis Service Day on Saturday, April 16. Show in photo are: Dr. Kim Naugel, (center front) President of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond. (Back row l. to r.) Dr. Glen Kleine, KY-TN Kiwanis District webmaster and administrator of Circle K; David Harkleroad, Vice President and President-elect of the Richmond Kiwanis Club; and C.D. Reese, Governor of the KY-TN Kiwanis District.

Joanne Reese and C.D. Reese look at a listing of those buried in the in the historic Four Mile Road Old Soldiers Cemetery that the Kiwanis Club of Richmond Aided in cleaning up.

Click here to see photos and coverage of the Old Soldiers Cemetery clean up project.

Beth Thompson Runs in the Famous Boston Marathon

Beth Thompson, a member and past president of the Kiwanis club of Richmond described her experience in Running in the famous Boston Marathon. The day after she addressed the club she was featured in the Richmond Register - the local newspaper.

Retired Professor / Magician Speaks to Kiwanis

Doug Neiland, a retired Recreation Professor at Eastern Kentucky University, gave a presentation on points for living to the Kiwanis Club of Richmond. Doug, a professional magician and professional speaker, provided an abundance of slight of hand interlaced with humor and significant points. He recommended that the best service is personal and anonymous. He suggested that if, upon visiting a Goodwill or Red Shield Store, you see a family that appears to be in need. Leave a $10 bill with the cashier and tell them to give it to the family for purchase of things for their children - but not to tell the family who gave it. He said - It will make you feel great - and remember - don't tell anyone you did this. You'll feel even better about yourself.

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