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November, 2005 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Banana's Restaurant

November 1 - Noon
To be Announced
Speaker Sponsor -

November 1 - 6 p.m.
Division Meeting and Governor's Dinner
Mt. Sterling Country Club

November 8 - Noon
To be Announced
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November 10
Dedication of Acquatic Center
Telford YMCA
Supported by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond

November 14
Farm-City Banquet
Madison County Extension Center
Duncannon Lane

November 15 - 6 p.m.
4-H Banquet
Madison County Extension Center
Duncannon Lane
Annual Outstanding 4-H Awards given by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond to be awarded

November 15 - Noon
Brent Bartin, director of Band and Mark Witt, VP of Public Relations at EKU
Madison Central Band upcoming trip.  
Speaker Sponsor -Elizabeth Robinson

November 22 - Noon
To be Announced
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November 29 - Noon
To be Announced
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Richmond Kiwanis 2005-2006 officers and board members are inducted on October 3.

Irvine-Ravenna Kiwanis 2005-2006 officers and board members are inducted at a joint meeting with the Richmond club.

David Harkleroad (left) was selected as the Richmond Kiwanian of the Year for 2005 and Becky Werner (right) was selected as the Irvine-Ravenna Kiwanian of the Year for 2005

Steve Garrett, president of the Irvine-Ravenna Club served as the Master of Ceremonies for the induction.

Dr. Ken Clawson (left), former Governor of the Kentucky-Tennessee District inducted the Richmond officers and board members for 2005-2006 and Dr. Glen Kleine, former Lt. Governor inducted the Irvine-Ravenna officers and board members for 2005-2006.

EKU Circle K Board of Officers

The EKU Circle K Board of Officers are (l. to r.) Ashley Burke, Vice President; Dr. Glen Kleine, administrator Circle K Clubs in the Kentucky-Tennessee District and Kiwanis advisor to the Circle K Club; Dr. Kim Naugle, immediate past president of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond and the EKU faculty adviser to the Circle K Club; Guy Frye, president, and Sarah Freese, the secretary-treasurer. This photo was taken at the joint installation of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond and the Kiwanis Club of Irvine-Ravenna, the joint sponsors of the EKU Circle K Club.

Elbert Hudson, a Kiwanian for more than 40 years and retired Superintendent of Schools in Lee County received the George F. Hixson Fellowship from the Kiwanis Club of Richmond in recognition of his many years of service.

The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees created the George F. Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor the first Kiwanis International President. Hixson, who served from 1916 to 1918, holds the distinction of being the only leader to serve two terms as Kiwanis International President. Overall, his record accounts for more than 50 years of dedication to Kiwanis service.

Individuals establish membership through a US$1,000 contribution. New George F. Hixson Fellowship members receive two numbered medallions bearing the likeness of Hixson. Both hang from a blue and white ribbon. One is encased in a walnut and velvet shadow box for display, and the other is worn at formal Kiwanis functions. Also awarded is a tie tack/lapel pin.

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond designated the contribution in Hudson's name go to the Kiwanis International Worldwide Service Project which during the past decade, had collected more than $75 million, which allowed nations to implement salt-iodization programs. Worldwide, Iodine Deficiency Disorder rates declined significantly. Kiwanis currently has a goal to collect a minimum $3 million in net contributions to build on and sustain this success.

Herman Lamb, who is recovering from a major illness, was likewise awarded a George F. Hixson Fellowship by the Kiwanis Club of Irvine-Ravenna. The club members will presnt the Hixson to him at a later time.

Brenda Blankenship (left) was recognized for her long-term service to the club as treasurer. Tbe banquet was an opportunity for a considerable amount of hamming for the camera. Caught here are Mrs. Tammy Harkleroad and Earl Rhodes

David Harkleroad (left) the 2005-2006 president of the Richmond Kiwanis Club and Rebecca A. (Becky) Werner the 2005-2006 president of the Irvine-Ravenna Kiwanis Club each challenged their clubs to strive to bring more service to their communities during the next year.

Fred Crump (left) with the Telford YMCA expresses his thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Richmond for support of a YMCA bascketball team. Accepting the team photo is David Harkleroad, the Richmond Club president.

November 1-30:
Kiwanis Family Month ­ This event is a time for each sponsored program and the Kiwanis International Foundation to promote Kiwanis club involvement. During this month, the foundation launches its Annual Club Gift Campaign, and it allows sponsored clubs ­ Kiwajunior, Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, and K-Kids ­ to establish special programs or projects with the new administration of their Kiwanis clubs.
Aviation History Month ­ Anniversary of aeronautical experiments in November 1782 by Joseph Michel Montgolfier and Jacques Etienne Montgolfier, brothers living at Annonay, France. The brothers experimented with filling paper and fabric bats with smoke and hot air, leading to the invention of the hot-air balloon, man's first flight, and the entire science of aviation and flight.
American Diabetes Month ­ American Diabetes Month is designed to communicate the seriousness of diabetes and the importance of proper diabetes control and treatment to those diagnosed with the disease and their families. For information, contact: American Diabetes Association at 800-DIABETES or visit their Web site.
Family Stories Month ­ November starts out with crisper weather and ends with the gathering of family and friends around the table, which makes November the perfect month to start telling and saving family stories. For information: Scrapbook Storytelling, 3460 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63139; phone, 314-353-6100; e-mail; Web site.
I am so Thankful Month ­ This month is dedicated to giving thanks and counting your blessings daily. Share with others the things for which you are thankful. For information: Nancy J. Lewis, PO Box 342, Fayetteville, Georgia 30214; phone, 404-559-7614; e-mail.
National Alzheimers Disease Month ­ To increase awareness of Alzheimer's disease and what the Alzheimer's Association is doing to advance research and help patients, their families and their caregivers. For information: Alzheimer's Association, Nicolle Heller, 919 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1100, Chicago, Illinois 60611; phone, 800-272-3900 or 312-335-4037; e-mail; Web site.
Peanut Butter Lovers Month ­ Celebration of America's favorite food and number one sandwich. For information: Peanut Advisory Board, 1025 Sugar Pike Way, Canton, Georgia 30115; Web site.

November 1
European Union Anniversary ­ The Maastricht Treaty went into effect this day, formally establishing the European Union. The treaty was drafted in 1991. By 1993, 12 nations had ratified it. In 1995, three more nations ratified the treaty. The European Union grew out of the European Economic Community which was established in 1958.
National Family Literacy Day ­ Family literacy programs bring parents and children together in the classroom to learn and support each other in efforts to further their education and improve their life skills. For information: National Center for Family Literacy, 325 W. Main Street, Suite 200, Louisville, Kentucky 40202; phone, 502-584-1133 or 877-FAMLIT1; e-mail; Web site.

November 8
National Parents as Teachers Day ­ To pay tribute to the more than 2,600 Parents as Teachers programs located in 50 states and six countries. These programs give parents support and guidance to be their children's best first teacher in the critical early years. For information: Parents as Teachers National Center, 10176 Corporate Square Drive, Suite 230, St. Louis, Missouri   63132; phone, 314-432-4330, e-mail; Web site.

November 20
National Great American Smokeout Day ­ A day observed annually to celebrate smoke-free environments. For information: American Cancer Society, Corporate Communications Department, 1599 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30329; phone, 404-329-5724; Web site.

November 21 - 27
National Adoption Week ­ To commemorate the success of three kinds of adoption­infant, special needs and intercountry­through a variety of special events. For information: National Council for Adoption, 1930 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009; phone: 202-328-1200; e-mail; Web site.


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