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January, 2008 Newsletter

Meetings Tuesday - Noon - Galaxy Bowling Conference Room, 1025 Amberley Way
Richmond, KY 40475-8847
(Off of I-75 Exit 87) in Richmond, KY.

January 1 - Noon
No Meeting
Happy New Year

January 7 - 11
Kiwanians do Home Meals Delivery

January 8 - Noon
Mary Kate Jones, Executive Director of the Daniel Boone Chapter of the Red Cross.
She will be speaking about the "Hero" program they have initiated.

January 15 - Noon
Anthony &/or Linda Lowery, operators of the God's Outreach food pantry
Their story will really be an "eye opener".

January 22 - Noon
Video on Builder's Clubs
Club Discussion of Projects and Board Meeting

January 29 - Noon
Club Discussion of Projects

January 28 - February 1
Kiwaians do Home Meals Delivery

January 31 to Feb 4
All A Classic Program Sales

Rhodes and Taylor Recieve George F. Hixson Fellowships

Two long-time members of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond, Earl Rhodes (left in photo) and Dr. Morris Taylor, recently received George F. Hixson Fellowships from the local Kiwanis club. Rhodes is a retired real estate broker, a lifetime member of Kiwanis, and a Past Lieutenant Governor. Dr. Taylor is a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry from Eastern Kentucky University and a past president of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond.

Each Hixson Fellowship represents a $1,000 gift to the Kiwanis International Foundation for worldwide service. The Kiwanis International Foundation uses these funds for disaster relief and also for its world wide project.

Disaster relief has been given to victims of:
· Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the United States
· Hurricane Stan in El Salvador and Mexico
· Earthquake in Pakistan
· Tsunami in Asia-Pacific Region
· 911 Victims Children's Fund
· Tornadoes in Ohio and Alabama
· Typhoons in the Philippines
· Earthquake in El Salvador
· Wildfires in California
· Tornados in Kansas
· Hurricane Henrietta in Mexico
· Earthquakes in Peru

During the past decade the Kiwanis family provided more than $91 million which allowed nations to implement salt-iodization programs. When Kiwanis began this project in 1990 less than 20 percent of salt in the developing world was iodized. Today, more than 70 percent of households in the developing world now use iodized salt. And iodine deficiency (IDD) has virtually been eliminated from the face of the earth.

Children with IDD often suffered severe mental and physical retardation. Mothers of a children who, without realizing it, who were iodine deficient, deprived their babies of iodine during pregnancy. Much of the damage caused by iodine deficiency was done before a child was even born. If the future of a society lies in the health and talents of its children, iodine deficiency hampers the development of entire nations when, child by child, its young people are unable ever to reach their full potential.

The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees created the George F. Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor the first Kiwanis International President.

Kiwanis Gives $3,000 of New Equipment to Fully Outfit a Relief Trailer

Receiving the $3,000 check from Kiwanis Club president David Harkleroad is Ron Boyd, represnting the "Relief Trailer Project" of the First Baptist Church .


The Kiwanis Club of Richmond has donated $3,000 worth of requested equipment to fully outfit a Relief Trailer purchased by the First Baptist Church of Richmond.

Ron Boyd and Dr. Al Patrick both had given a prior presentation to Kiwanis on the relief work of the First Baptist Church. They described how they went to the area affected by Hurricane Katrina to assist residents wash out mud from homes and then their work in assisting in the repair of those homes. They said they used some of the compressors and power hoses, as well as tools of other church groups who were ready to provide relief services. They indicated that they were fortunate to find others who had tools they could use in relief work, however, they pointed out, they might not always be so fortunate to find individuals who had supplies they could use.

They also said they would like to outfit the Relief Trailer to provide relief service in Kentucky and surrounding states in the event of a tornado, flooding or other disaster.

Boyd and Patrick pointed out that children who cannot soon return to their normal lifestyle after a natural disaster have their education severely disrupted - and that this will have major consequences for their future. Given this impact, Boyd and Patrick, felt providing supplies for the Relief Trailer was entirely consistent with the Kiwanis goal to
"change the world, one child and one community at a time."

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond uses its energy to provide direct service as well as to raise funds to provide assistance principally in the Richmond community. The major fundraiser of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond is it annual auction - usually held in March. Other fundraisers have included their annual pancake breakfast, and its annual golf tournament.

One of the major fundraises in which many citizens of Richmond directly participate is its annual "Roadblock for Kids" which is held at the intersection of Lancaster and the Eastern ByPass. The roadblock, traditionally held on the same Saturday in September as the Richmond Pottery Festival, has attracted the support of thousands of the citizens of Richmond and of other communities.

Assistance at these various fundraisers have been provided by the Delta Zeta Sorority at Eastern Kentucky University, the Model High School Key Club (Kiwanis related) and the Eastern Kentucky University Circle K Club (Kiwanis related).

Did you know...

- 300,000 homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. (Democracy Now)

- Three quarters of a million people were displaced and still cannot return home. (Democracy Now)

- 22 million tons of garbage remain in New Orleans. (

- A team of 5 volunteers can gut a house in 7 days and save a resident $10,000. (

Source for "Did you know ... "


Possible Future Program Topics

January 1-31:

Family Fit Lifestyle Month ­ Try for just one month to reduce the fat, sugar, and salt in your diet. The first month of the New Year is the perfect time to change your life. For information, contact Family Fit Lifestyle Inc., 15202 N. 50th Place, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254; phone, 866-548-3348; e-mail,; Web site,

International Life Balance Month ­ This month is focused on making better strategic decisions yearlong to get your life in balance. This includes the importance of balancing time for self, family, and friends. For information, contact Sheryl Nicholson, The Advisory Team, 23 Citrus Drive, Palm Harbor, Florida 34684; phone, 727-937-3322.

National Be On-Purpose Month ­ This is an observance to encourage us to start the New Year by putting our good intentions into action, personally and professionally, and to trade confusion for clarity as we balance our lives with more meaning and purpose. For information, contact Kevin McCarthy, the On-Purpose School for Leaders, PO Box 1568, Winter Park, Florida 32790; phone, 407-657-6000.

National Hot Tea Month ­ This month celebrates one of nature's most popular, soothing, and relaxing beverages; the only beverage commonly served hot or iced, anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. For information, contact Joseph Simrany, president, the Tea Council of the USA, 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 825, New York, New York 10170; phone, 212-986-6998.

Oatmeal Month ­ Celebrate oatmeal, a low-fat, sodium-free, whole grain that when eaten daily as a part of a diet that's low in saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease. Delicious recipes, helpful hints and tips from Quaker Oats, will make enjoying the heart health benefits oatmeal has to offer easy, convenient and, above all, delicious. For information, contact the Oat Expert, 225 W. Washington, Suite 1625, Chicago, Illinois 60606; phone, 312-629-1234.
January 2-8

National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week ­ This week serves to inspire individuals to incorporate fitness into their daily routines and make exercise a priority, whether it be to promote weight loss or maintain overall good health and physical condition. For information, contact Jana Angelakis, PEX Personalized Exercise, 924 Broadway, Third Floor, New York, New York 10010; phone, 212-254-1915; e-mail,; Web site,
January 16-22

Hunt for Happiness Week ­ Hunt for Happiness Week provides activity suggestions and ideas for teachers, youth leaders, and parents to encourage kids and teens to discover more happy moments. It is sponsored by the Secret Society for Happy People. For information, contact Pam Johnson, 1815 Riverchase Drive, #2316, Coppell, Texas 75019; phone, 972-471-1485; e-mail,; Web site,

January 15

National Parents as Teachers Day ­ Pay tribute to the more than 2,600 Parents as Teachers programs located in 50 states and six countries. These programs give parents support and guidance to be their children's best first teacher in the critical early years. For information, Parents as Teachers National Center, 10176 Corporate Square Drive, Suite 230, St. Louis, Missouri 63132; phone, 314-432-4330, e-mail,; Web site,

January 21

Kiwanis International: 92th Anniversary ­ The first Kiwanis club was chartered in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan.

January 28

National Compliment Day ­ This day is set aside to compliment at least five people. Giving compliments forges bonds, dispels loneliness, and just plain feels good. For information, contact Debby Hoffman, Positive Results Seminars, PO Box 3478, Concord, New Hampshire 03303; phone, 603-225-0991; e-mail,; or Kathy Chamberlin, Respectful Communication, 724 Park Avenue, Contoocook, NH 03229; phone, 603-746-6227; e-mail,; Web site,

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