Funding Request Application Form
Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc.

Submit EMail Funding Request to: Current Club Secretary

Community Service Project Funding Request Form

To submit a request for consideration of funds from the Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc., please complete the following infromation at least 3-4 weeks prior to your event. The information may be submitted to the mailing address listed above, or hand delivered to our club's secretary during a regularly scheduled club meeting. 

Expectations and Oblications of the Organization Requesting Funds:

Any organization serving the needs of children, the elderly, and the needy within Richmond and Madison County, KY are eligible to request funding from the Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc. for their projects, resources, and/or activities. 

Applications will be reviewed and voted on by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond, Inc. Board of Directors (BOD), and applicants will receive a follow-up notice for: acceptance; partial funding; or decline.

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc. will assist with promotion of funded events via club announcements, club website and newsletter, distribution lists, and community networking. Organizations are encouraged to invite and recruit Kiwanis members to assist or volunteer at the event/activity. 

The organization receiving funds will identify the Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc. as a co-sponsor of the event/activity on all its promotional materials. Copies of materials will be provided to the Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc. The Kiwanis logo is available per request and online.

1. Organization Information:

A. Contact person (applicant):

B. Name of your Organization: 

C. Mailing address of your Organization  - (include city, state, and zip code) 

D. Contact phone number(s): 

E. Email address of contact: 

F. Date form submitted to Kiwanis: 

G. Date you need the funds by: 

2. Describe Your Proposed Event or Activity:

A. What is the date of your event/activity? 

B. How many people will your event serve?

C. Will you provide us with a presentation? ? Yes ? No ? Will consider ? Not applicable to this request

D. How much are you asking for? (see #4) 

E. What % of these funds will be used in Richmond & Madison County, KY? 

F. How will your organization determine if your event or activity was successful? 

G. What is your organization doing to actively raise funds for this event/activity, other than solicitations/donations?

3. Kiwanis Participation:

Is there an opportunity for Kiwanis members to volunteer at your event/activity? If so, how?

4. Funds are Needed for (Itemized Breakdown):

#1 = High Priority to #5 = Low Priority 



Priority of Need

Total Amount of Request (The amount in #2-D above):


Kiwanis Club of Richmond Board of Directors Action

Date of Board of Directors (BOD) vote:

Amount Considered:

Result of BOD Vote:

? Full Funding  ? Partial Funding  ? No Funding

Check #: 


Kiwanis Club of Richmond KY, Inc. Funding Request Form ­ Rev. Jan.2016

Meetings at 6 p.m. on first and third Tuesdays of each month at
Community Room of the Madison County Library
507 West Main Street in Richmond

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