2004 Auction
Kiwanis Club of Richmond

Marilou "Piddle" Johnson (left), president of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond, and Eric Baldwin, chair of the 2004 Kiwanis Club Auction, introduce items at the auction.

The auction took a great deal of organization - obtaining city hall - setting up the banners - arranging for telephone numbers and people to man the telephones

Another major factor in the success of an auction is arranging the order in which items are presented during the auction. Here Earl Rhodes assembles the items to be presented.

A key component of a successful auction was the opportunity to air the auction on Adelphia cable television and on WEKY 1340 AM radio. In charge of the video process was Dr. Larry Bobbert (right) a Richmond Kiwanian. He recruited Dwayne Bolin, Television Production Assistant at Eastern Kentucky University and Randy Wilson, Media Specialist Habitat, who worked throughout the day on video coverage of the auction.

Special thanks again goes to Mayor Connie Lawson and City Manager David Evans for arranging for the facilities of the Richmond City Hall to be made available for the annual Kiwanis auction.

And of course, taking phone calls (or in some case, waiting for phone calls) was an important part of the process. Dr. Robert Nayle (right), a long-time club member and former auction chair, brought valued institutional memory on what things work and do not work in the auction.

David Benge, donates his Saturday to taking phone bids during the auction.

It's great when a husband and wife team work together at the Kiwanis Auction. Here Tammy Harkleroad (left) suggests to David Harkleroad, her husband, what he should do if the phone rings.

It was important to rotate people on camera introducing items for the auction. Here Virgil Grant takes a turn at the mike introducing items. Joining him is Dr. Kim Nagle, the Vice President and President-Elect of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond.

But waiting too is part of the game. Here Jared Noble (left) and Dana Sheets are caught in Danny Damrel's lens adopting a quizzical pose while waiting for the phones to ring. Thanks Danny for the great photos.

The auction is also a place to visit and renew friendships. Here Mark Ernst (left) visits with David Benge during a break in the auction.

One of the major items to be sold during the auction was an automobile. Firming up the deal are (left to right) Ray De Sloover, auctioneer; Pat Ridgley , auto purchaser; Eric Baldwin, chair of the 2004 Kiwanis Club Auction; and Marilou "Piddle" Johnson, president of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond,.

How do you spell Kiwanis Auction in Richmond? It is spelled BRENDA BLANKENSHIP. Brenda, the club treasurer for more than a decade, organizes the list of contributors and sponsors from the prior years so members can contact them. Then she arranges for the phones to be installed. Then she enters all items collected into the computer and places lot numbers on them. She issues bidding paddles for those who come to bid live at the auction. She keeps an account on who bought what item for what price. And finally she is involved in collecting from the successful bidders.

Successful bidders, both those who bid live at the auction and those coming in for items they successfully bid on either as a result of their watching Adelphia cable television or listening on WEKY 1340 AM radio. This is one of the major organizational tasks of the annual auction.

Ray De Sloover, our long-time volunteer auctioneer, smiles after the conclusion of a successful auction.

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