2005 Auction Kiwanis Club of Richmond

David Benge and Marilou "Piddle" Johnson (left) introduce new auction items as Colman Turpin arranges the next batch of items at the 34th Annual Richmond Kiwanis Auction. The club appreciated the support of both WLFX 106.7 FM and Adelphia Cable - the Richmond Government Channel 12 for their support of the auction.

The Annual Richmond Kiwanis Auction required the support from many quarters. In addition to Kiwanians working at the auction, EKU students from Delta Zeta sorority (left) helped set up on Friday night and took bids on Saturday. The club owes a special thanks to Mayor Connie Lawson and City Manager David Evans for arranging for the club to use the Richmond City Hall for the annual auction and for contributing many items with the city logo for the auction.

Marilou "Piddle" Johnson describes a Victorian print for the television and radio audience as it is being displayed by Ben McPherson.

Dr. Morris Taylor (left) holds up a bid given to him by phone to place with the item. Brenda Blankenship (right), the long time Kiwanis Club Treasurer, spends countless hours entering the more than 200 items into the computer - keeping track of the selling price, and then collecting for those items at the end of the auction.

Marilou "Piddle" Johnson describes an item and then Ray Desloover auctions off the item. Ray has been the official Kiwanis auctioneer for more than a decade. He is the owner of Coldwell Banker - DeSloover Realty, one of the corporate sponsors of the annual auction.

The Model High School Key Club, annually assists the Kiwanis Club of Richmond conduct the auction. Meghan Shafer, (left in both photos), the president of the Model School Key Club, and her fellow Key Club members, worked all day keeping up with bids on the laptop which served as the television scroll of the bids. Key Clubs are Kiwanis sponsored clubs at the high school level and is the largest high school service organization in the world.

Once each hour a major item is auctioned off. Sponge Bob (one of the regular items) takes a rest in one of the major itesm - a reclining chair, valued at $749, which was provided by Lazy Boy.

Dr. Morris Taylor, Ben McPherson and David Denson take bids on the phone (left photo) while Dr. Glen Kleine (right) introduces new items to be auctioned.

Dr. Larry Bobbert, adjusts a camera that will carry the scroll bids for the annual auction. Larry operation, for many years, of the television portion of the auction has been one of the major reasons for the continued success of the auction.

Thanks to our 2005 Kiwanis Auction Corporate Sponsors

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