Kiwanis Club of Richmond Holds Potluck and Attends Concert

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond held its first potluck and attended a free Juggernaut Jug Band performance in the Richmond City Park

Kiwanians in attendance were : Dr. and Mrs. Ken Clawson, Mr. and Mrs. Ray DeSloover, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Harkleroad, Dr. and Mrs. Glen Kleine, Mr. and Mrs. Ben McPherson , Adam Poff and friend, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rhodes, Elizabeth Robinson, Dr. and Mrs. Morris Taylor , Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Turpin, Robby Burgin, "Rachel" Wang Xiangyi and "Victoria" Li Xuan.

Ray DeSloover arrived in his spiffy new 77 year old convertible. Posing in the car are two EKU English Language Students from South Korea. They are "Kaden" Kim, Gyuderg and "Daniel" - two of the host students sponsored by Kiwanians Dr. and Mrs. Glen Kleine.

Dr. and Mrs. Morris Taylor (left photo) arrived in their new matching "cruise shirts" having just completed a cruise. David Harkleroad (right photo), the Richmond Club president, prepares to grill some hotdogs for the event.


Earl and Helen Rhodes (left photo) visits with new Richmond Kiwanian Adam Poff and his date before the potluck. Dr. Ken and Bobby Clawson (right photo) visits with Ben and Mildred McPherson prior to the potluck.

A good sized crowd attended the performance of the Juggernaut Jug Band. This Tuesday night performance is held weekly in the Richmond McDowell Park throughout the months of June and July. It is jointly sponsored by the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department and the Richmond Area Arts Council. The Juggernaut Jug Band is a musical group from Louisville, Kentucky


Kiwanians are seen here enjoying the performance of the Juggernaut Jug Band

Kiwanian wife Joan Kleine poses with two of their Chinese daughters "Rachel" Wang Xiangyi and "Victoria" Li Xuan. Both are exchange students from the Liaoning Institute of Technology, in Jinzhou, China. Kiwanian, Dr. Glen Kleine, helped to set up an exchange program between the Liaoning Institute of Technology and Eastern Kentucky University and more than 20 students have participated in this exchange program. "Rachel" and "Victoria" was the program for the Kiwanis club the prior week - so the Kiwanians invited them to join them for the potluck. They brought two Chinese dishes as part of the potluck.

With elections just around the corner - and heat at its peak - Earl Ray Neal's mother distributed fans to the crowd. Earl Ray, Neal a local attorney and a member of Kiwanis, is a candidate for District Judge.

The Juggernaut Jug Band provided a spirited performance for the crowd

An assortment of unusual instruments were used by the band.

The leader of the he Juggernaut Jug Band encouraged audience participation throughout the performance.

The weekly band performances are an opportunity for entire families to attend the concert. And it is a great opportunity for children to meet new friends and to play in the park. Kiwanians feels that this type of activity is consistent with its primary goal - "Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time.

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