Richmond 2005 Volunteer Service Fair

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond hosted a Richmond 2005 Volunteer Service Fair in the Richmond Mall on Saturday, February 19 from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The fair will gave Madison County organizations an opportunity to tell about their service and to solicit volunteers to work with their organization.

Home Meals Delivery Awarded Plaque for Outstanding Work in 2004

Service organizations had an opportunity to apply to be recognized as the outstanding Service Provider for 2004. Selected for this award was Home Meals Delivery. Individuals involved in the presentation were (l. to r.) Dr. Glen Kleine, Organizer of the Richmond Volunteer Service Fair. Jerrilyn Dyer, a volunteer and board member of Home Meals Delivery, Dr. Kim Naugel, President of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond, and Dr. Morris Taylor, Board member of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond.


Photos of organizations participating in the Richmond 2005 Volunteer Service Fair were as follows:

Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children

In the United States over one half million children are in foster care because they cannot safely live with their families. Nearly 70,000 National CASA volunteers serve approximately 280,000 of those abused or neglected children every year. CASA volunteers are the only volunteers that are appointed by a judge and empowered to stand up for an abused or neglected child in court.

CASA was represented at the Richmond Volunteer Service Fair by Cherie Mutersbaugh, Joan Kleine, Randy Rosanbalm, and Karla Willis. In the photo above Dr. Kim Nagle, president of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond discusses the work of CASA. For more information about volunteer opportunities with CASA contact: National email: Local email: Visit the national CASA web site at:

Madison County Public Library
and the
Friends of the Madison County Public Library

Providing information on the library and the Friends of the Library were: Kathy Crouch; Jack Moody, President of Friends; and Susie Hayes Heil, a Board member of Friends. For more information about volunteer opportunities at the library contact: or Visit the library web site at: Visit the Friends of the Library web site at:

Home Meals Delivery

Representing Home Meals Delivery at the Richmond 2005 Volunteer Service Fair, Syble Miller, Dr. Bill Jones, Donna Jones,, Jerrilyn Dyer, and Jeanie Crump.

Hospice Care Plus

Aaron Housh, the director of volunteers for Hospice Care Plus represented Hospice throughout the day.

Hospice cares for patients who have end-stage heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and any other terminal condition. Hospice also provides care for cancer patients. Hospice cares for all ages: from newborns and young adults, to 104-year-olds.

Hospice care is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurance companies. The Hospice Social Worker assists the family in applying for insurance benefits. No one is turned away from Hospice because of inability to pay.

For more information on how you can become a Hospice Volunteer call 1-800-806-5492 or 986-1500

Visit the Hospice Care Plus web site at:

Madison County 4-H

Aaron Brewer, President of the Madison County 4-H Council; Charlotte Durham; Joan Kleine; Darlene Noble; and Mary Sewell represented 4-H throughout the day. To contact Madison County, KY 4-H Agents: Gina Noe,, Miranda Shearer,, and Jennifer Hunter, 4-H Agents may also be reached at: Phone: (859) 623-4072; Fax: (859) 624-9510. Visit the Madison County 4-H web site at:

Madison County Special Olympics

Representing Special Olympics was Erin Moore. To contact Madison County Special Olympics call Erin at 859-623-8753 (work),
859-624-0376 (fax) or contact by email at: Visit the Kentucky Special Olympics web site to learn more about volunteering at:

Richmond Area Arts Council

Nancy Bidwell, Administrative Assistant, represented the Richmond Area Arts Council throughout the day. The Richmond Area Arts Council provides the highest quality performances throughout the year. All of our performances are broken into the following series: Arts Alive, Stained Glass, Family Art, and Summer Park Series. Whether it is big band, bluegrass, painting, or pottery, the RAAC programming season has something for everyone.  The Richmond Area Arts Council can be contacted through Marie Fore, Executive Director at Visit the Richmond Area Arts Council web site at:

Richmond Health and Rehabilitation - Kenwood/Crestview

Heather Johnson, with the Richmond Health and Rehabilitation - Kenwood/Crestview, answered questions throughout the day about what volunteers do at their facilities. For additional information about voulenteer opportunities contact Heather Johnson at 859-582-2303 (cell) or by email at:

Richmond Kiwanis Club


Jack Taylor, a 50 year members of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond, provided information about Kiwanis, Kiwanis service project, the upcoming Annual Kiwanis Auction scheduled from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on March 19th in the Richmond City Hall on Main Street, and on Circle K, a college age, Kiwanis-related, service organization.

The service organizations provided the following evaluation of the fair.

100 % of the participants said the Richmond Volunteer Service Fair was successful.

They reported that nine volunteer were attracted to their organizations.

They reported that 105 people stopped to discuss the nature of the service they provided.

100 % of the participants said the Richmond Volunteer Service Fair was worth doing in the future.

They said the Richmond Mall was an excellent venue but that a noon to 4 p.m. time would attract more visitors to their booths.


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