The Model Key Club Provides Assistance to the Richmond Kiwanis Club in their effort to raise funds to support community projects.

Model School Key Club Assists
Kiwanis 2010 Annual Roadblock

Three members of the Model School Key Club pose before they work at the annual Kiwanis Roadblock for Kids. They are ( r.) Drew Dison, Allia Vaez, and Amy Dong, President of the Key Club.

This year the various participants raised slightly in excess of $1,000 which was donated to the City of Richmond Parks and Recreation Department to support the annual Halloween event for children. The city had decided to do away with this event due to a budget shortfall, so the Kiwanis Club of Richmond stepped in to become a major sponsor of the annual Richmond Halloween Hoe Down which will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 23.

Model Key Club assists the Richmond Kiwanis Club with its 37th Annual Auction in 2008

The Model School Key Club members that assisted in the auction were: Katelyn Robbins, Senior, Key Club Co-President; Ibrahim Jadoon, Junior, Key Club Co-VP; Rachel Bilter, Sophomore; Aubrey Gillespie, Sophomre; Abey Hatfield, Sophomore; Alex LeForge, Junior; Andrea Stipes, Sophomore; Lauren Vescio, Junior and Sarah Merlin, Model School Special Education teacher and adviser to the Key Club

Model Key Club assists the Richmond Kiwanis Club at 2007 Pancake Breakfast

A happy face at the 2007 Richmond Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast which netted $1,700 which the club will use for children's projects.

One of the groups helping make the 2007 Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast a success was the Key Club at Model High School in Richmond. The Key Cub, a Kiwanis sponsored youth organization, is the largest high school service organization in the world. Key Club members providing service at the breakfast were:Front row (l. to r.) Talia Gantz, Junior Key Club Member; Ashley Serra, Senior Key Club Member; Amber Hines, Junior Key Club Member; Ibrahim Jadoon, Junior Key Club Member; and Aubrey Gillespie, Sophomore Key Club Member. Back row (l. to r.) Maggie Green, Senior Key Club Member; Morgan Medley, Senior Key Club Member; Alison Sell, Junior Key Club Member; Lisa Madden, Junior Key Club Member; Nmeli Nnoromele, Senior Key Club Member and Kim Franklin, Senior Key Club Member. Also working this event, but unavailable for the photograph was Wesley Fulks, Sophomore Key Club Member.

Key Club Members Kim Franklin (left), refills Spider Thurman's coffee cup while Aubrey Gillespie,brings additional warm syrup.

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Model Key Club assists the Richmond Kiwanis Club at 36th Annual Auction

Representatives of the Model School Key Club worked at the auction both in helping set up the auction on Friday evening and all day on Saturday. The above workers who helped set up on Friday were Ibrahim Jadoon, Julie Wedel, Ashley Brower and Mary Ellen Wimberly. Also helping, but not in photo, was Sarah Merlin, a special education teacher and adviser to the Key Club at Model School.

Special thanks to Tevi Garrison , a Model School Key Club member who had signed up to work for two hours and ended up working for the entire auction. Other Key Clubers who signed up to work at the auction were: Megan Brandenburg, Daniel DeCoste, Kim Franklin, Joe Kidrowski, Brett Miller, Geoff Parker, Katelyn Robbins, Amelia Shew, and Chase Weitcamp

Wesley Fulks, a Model School Key Club member, tries out a recliner donated to the Kiwanis auction by La-Z-Boy at Hamburg Place in Lexington.

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Model Key Club assists the Richmond Kiwanis Club at 2006 Pancake Breakfast

A large crew of Key Club members from Model School helped at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. Model School Key Club officers helping with the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast were: Kathryn Engle, President; Allyson White, Vice President and Ashley Brower, Treasurer. Model School Key Club members helping with the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast were: Jennifer Barrow, Shanna Deerfield, Victoria DeSimone, Lindsay Gordon, Joe Kiedrowski, Morgan Medley, Nmeli Nnoromeli, Geoff Parker, Kaylin Pratt, Rebecca Shelton, Kelli Jo Stapp, and Julia Wedel. There were others who also worked but did not sign in. Sarah Merlin is the Model School teacher and adviser to the Model School Key Club.

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This was the first of several crews of Model School Key Club members to help work at the Kiwanis pancake breakfast. Those in the photo are:
 First row (left to right) is Jennifer Barrow, Kaylin Pratt, and Kathryn Engle. Second row (left to right): Nmeli Nnoromeli, Joe Kiedrowski, and Rebecca Shelton.

Nmeli Nnoromeli, member of the Model School Key Club, was in charge of both coffee making and coffee serving.

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